Disappointment at Cape Disappointment

The drive to Cape Disappointment was just a short one over an incredible bridge across the Columbia River into Washington state. We wondered at the name of the park that was our destination, but when we arrived, we were happy to find an available site right next to a lake. However, when unhitching the car, Shahin noticed that it was really hard to shift. It seems like every day we have to deal with new mechanical issues! We had only towed the car from Hood River, and we had done our research! This car was rated for 4-down towing. Had we just wrecked the transmission?! Shahin found a mechanic who was open on Saturday and took the car in to get checked. Turns out that there was no hydraulic fluid in the clutch. Once the mechanic poured in some fluid it worked like a charm, but the thingymaabobs were leaking and needed to be replaced. He made us an appointment for Monday morning. 

In the meantime, Dashi had discovered the beach!

And we hiked to the lighthouse.

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