Back to Fort Stevens

Since the mechanic was in Astoria, we decided to move back to Fort Stevens on Sunday. Monday morning, Shahin took the car to get fixed and get some work done. I stayed behind and puttered around the coach. Shahin called and said they fixed the clutch, but had discovered that the wheel bearings were shot. Big surprise. They couldn’t fix that until Friday, but we had plans to be in Victoria by Friday. So he called around and found another shop that could do it on Wednesday. So we needed to stay two more nights. I walked to the ranger station to see if they had any openings. They didn’t, but when I called Shahin, a woman overheard me and approached offering me a spot for two nights! She had reserved several sites, but someone in her party was having car trouble at home and wouldn’t be able to make it until Wednesday! Cool beans! Shahin came home at lunchtime and we moved to the other site. We rode back into town and Shahin finished his work while Dashi and I walked along a path along the river near the Maritime museum.

That evening we had a sweet visitor to our campsite. It was a good thing Dashi slept through her visit. Once he caught her scent he was very interested and didn’t quite know what to do.placeholder://

I had seen a sign pointing to a Shipwreck, and I was curious, so next morning I rode my bike with Dashi running alongside. There was a nice paved bike path that took us out to the beach and an actual Shipwreck!

Dashi had fun running on the beach, and still had energy to run back when we were done. Once we got back we got showered and cleaned up for Dashi’s veterinarian appointment that afternoon. We had realized that he needed a health certificate in order to go to Canada, so we had made an appointment with a local vet to get it. I had all Dashi’s records with us and it turns out he was actually due for some vaccines so we got all that done and a microchip! 

Today we are sitting at Walmart waiting to get the car fixed and then we will drive to Aberdeen, WA.

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