Fort Stevens

We had gotten a call from our friends Lucas and Linda that Fort Stevens had some vacant sites, so Shahin immediately got online and reserved three nights there. The drive from Portland was gorgeous, through high rain forest, lush and green. We pulled in late in the afternoon and immediately fired up the grill for dinner. Lucas and Linda came over to join us and brought several(!) bottles of wine with them. Needless to say, we had a lovely evening! The next morning we headed over to their place so Shahin could use their internet connection to work. I went into Astoria with them in their sweet little ‘66 Citroen. It was amazing how many people took notice of that car! We did a couple errands and walked around a little bit before returning to the campground. We went back into town that evening for dinner and found a cute little place called Baked Alaska right on the water.

We really liked Fort Stevens. It is a very nice and pretty park, and the surrounding area is historic and the surrounding area is dotted with cute little seaside fishing villages.

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