Honey, will you come take a look at this?

We have been back to the Bay Area for a couple of weeks and beside being busy with work and trying to get out of our home, we have had to deal with RV fixes left and right!  And often I know something is awry when I hear “honey, will you come look at this”?

I finally ordered 10 springs/airbags and waiting to receive them.  In the meantime we moved out of our home in a hurry (a week late) so we moved some stuff to storage but stuff that needed to go to the RV ended up at my cousin Arman’s garage in Concord and that is where we have been on and off parking to sort through boxes and either find a place for them in the RV or drive it up to Goodwill store a few blocks away!

We took five days and went to Del Valle regional park and it was great to spend time in beautiful nature and away from the city!


When we came back to Concord, after trying to level the bus and finally giving up on it and saying well it’s good enough,  we heard a loud bang and thought it was the springs on the jacks.  But a few hours later Stacey was out sorting through boxes and said “homey, will you come look at this?”  I did, and it was what looked like 1/2 gallon of hydraulic fluid on the ground next to the left front jack!   So, I have been calling and trying to find a mechanic to look at it.

Needless to say, every time I hear those words, I know our bank account is about to take another hit!  On a positive note, it’s been fun being busy with fixing things and getting ready for our cross county jaunt and in the process losing 20lb – which is a good thing!




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  1. Jeff says:

    You have a beautiful coach, but I sure hope you didn’t pay near their asking price for your coach. With all the issues it has had in such a short time, you have really been thru it. I was looking at your coach when it was for sale on BuyByeBluebird and the broker stated that it was in excellent condition and sure priced it as if it was in pristine condition. Lesson learned I guess. I want to thank you for sharing your experience, it has shown me that just because a website’s pictures and description say it’s in excellent condition, doesn’t mean it is. I wish you a smoother time in your new-to-you rig. Happy Travels from here on for you!


    1. Stacey & Shahin says:

      Hi Jeff, I paid around 80% of asking price. The coach is in acceptable condition for a very complex 30 years old coach.
      We had anticipated age related issues and while this is more than we had hoped for, it’s not shocking to us and we take it as part of the adventure, fix it and move on!
      Hopefully, soon it will level off and we coast through the country in style!

      Thank you for sharing and your well wishes.

      Happy Trails,



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