Hidden Gem in the East Bay

After parking in front of Shahin’s Cousin Arman’s house for a couple weeks, we decided it would be nice for everyone if we got out of town for a bit. We found a park in Livermore that looked nice so we made reservations for 5 days at Del Valle Regional Park. The drive there was pretty cool. As we passed through the town of Livermore, we passed the quaint little downtown area, then an area of wineries, followed by the vineyards. The vineyards gave way to more rural areas with hobby farms full of goats, chickens, and even some llamas. Finally, the farms fell away and the land became more wild and natural and hilly. Coming over the crest of one hill, the landscape opened up and  suddenly it looked like we had been transported to Ireland or New Zealand. Emerald green hills studded with oaks and wide blue skies were so beautiful, I think I heard angels singing!

We got to Del Valle and it was sparsely populated with only a handful of other campsites being occupied. Our site was flat and open, but with lots of trees nearby. Dashi was happy for a big field where he could run after his ball! Shahin commuted to Milpitas for a few days while I continued to go through our remaining belongings, sorting and organizing and figuring out where to stow everything in the RV.

It was amazing to be out of the city, waking up to the beautiful trees and turkeys on our lawn every morning!




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