Lonestar Birds Rally

When we were at the WOG Rally in Pine Mountain, GA, our friend Steve Gureasko told us about another Rally in Texas in December. So here we are in Kerrville, TX, at Buckhorn RV Resort, with a handful of Wanderlodges and a few SOBs (Some other brands), and a few dozen current or past owners.

What a nice group of people! Most of them have been getting together a few times a year for YEARS! But they included us just like old friends! We shared a few meals, some fun and games, lots of stories, and a gift exchange.

One of the days we were there we drove over to Fredricksburg. It was especially meaningful to me because that’s where my dad lived the last few years of his life and I never got to visit him there. I could just imagine him there.

By the time we left the rally, I felt like I had made some new friendships and look forward to netting up with them in our future travels.

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