Gulf Islands, FL

After stopping by Reddick, FL to visit with Joe and Margo, the previous owners of our Bluebird, we made our way to the Gulf Islands, specifically Fort Pickens Campground on Santa Rosa Island. The island sits just off the coast of Pensacola, FL. This section of coast is a National Seashore, and Fort Pickens is a military fort that was built in the 1830’s, revived briefly in WWII, and now stands defunct, but a historical landmark.

As we drove out to the island we missed our turn and ended up driving the length of the island which is narrow enough at times that we could see the ocean and the Bay at the same time. The sand was as white as sugar and the grasses on the dunes fluttered in the wind as we drove past.

We finally realized our mistake and we made it back to the campground just as the sun was setting.

This morning we rode our bicycles on the Florida Trail our to the Fort. It was pretty amazing. And we met a sweet little friend on our way back.

We headed toward the beach for the sunset, but it was so cold and windy that we didn’t end up staying, but we did discover a little cemetery on our way back.

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