Ortuna Locks, FL

We arrived at Ortuna Locks Corps of Engineers Campground on Thursday. It is a small park, but as clean and well kept as I’ve seen. It sits on the Caloosahatchee canal near La Belle, FL.

As we have been travelling through Florida, one of the coolest things I’ve been seeing is all the wildlife, particularly the birds. I’ve never been all that interested in birds, but the variety and uniqueness of the birds here is remarkable. Walking along the canal here at Ortuna Locks I got to see an amazing assortment of water birds, wood peckers, other tiny birds that I don’t know the names of. There were raptors circling overhead and I heard an owl in one particular tree each morning although I never did spot him. The only birds I did not like were the ones that came out each evening at dusk and bit the crap out of us forcing us inside before we wanted to go. Someone said they are called Musky Toes 😂.

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