Floating on the edge of the river as the sun goes down…

I was just reflecting on how far we have come and how little we have actually travelled. Due to a number of unfortunate circumstances we have been “stuck” somewhere we didn’t intend to be, several times over the last few months. Each time we have found ourselves making new friends, exploring (and finding) cool places that we never knew existed and enjoying ourselves at a slower pace of life.

We had originally planned on spending one week in each state in order to “see” the US in a year. So far, in two months, we have only been in two states and we have not nearly seen all there is to see! But we are enjoying life, less stressed, and learning new lessons about ourselves along the way.

Last week, we were in Kennewick, Washington on a farm that belonged to a friend of a friend, while our friend installed solar on our rig. It was a little slice of country life, and I was in heaven! Cows, chickens, homegrown fruits and veggies and time with friends savoring the days together.

The Guess Who in concert
And chickens
Homegrown fruits and veggies

Crazy plums

Processing plums for jam

Our friend Kevin on our roof

Building the framework

Our new solar grid
Dashi and I relaxing on the Snake River

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