To Mobile, AL

Today we finally had our first day of travel! Yay! We didn’t get as early a start as we had intended. Dashi and I were enjoying exploring Joe and Margo’s property with a tennis ball.


Dashi also discovered the neighboring pasture with three horses. He was very curious about them and they seemed curious about him too.

Then we had coffee with Joe and Margo before finally getting on the road around 10 am. We pulled over for lunch around one, but other than that Shahin powered through to Daphne, Alabama (near Mobile).

I had discovered an organization called Harvest Hosts a while back, and we finally got a chance to use it! Harvest Hosts is a network of farms, wineries, museums and golf courses that allow members to park their RVs overnight in exchange for patronizing their businesses. I arranged our next three nights of parking for FREE! Get 15% off your annual membership with this link:

Tonight we are at Timber Creek Golf Club. There is one other RV here. They are parked on the other side of the parking lot. When we first got here, I took Dashi for a walk around the neighborhood – lovely homes in a golfing community.

Then Shahin and I settled down with a bottle of wine, some crackers and hummus. We are all relaxed now after our first day of travel in our new home. I think we will sleep well tonight!

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