Flying Reverse Osmosis Tank

AF5A4EA6-7559-4898-B495-8EDC7F7F8CD7We had planned to leave Ocala Friday Morning after we picked up Dashi our furry boy!  As mentioned in my previous post, the Transmission Temperature Gauge wasn’t working and I decided to take it to the mechanic to look at it and see if it was quick fix while we were waiting for Dashi.

Well, it was a quick fix (loose ground wire) and we got on the road and picked up Dashi and filled up 200 gallon of diesel and decided to get some groceries before leaving town.

By now it was early afternoon and as We we’re sitting on an intersection waiting for the light to turn green for a left hand turn,  I was thinking we could still put some miles behind us when the light turned green and I made that left turn perhaps a bit faster than I should have and we heard this large bang behind us like something falling followed by a depressuring noise like a compressor running!  I was driving and couldn’t look back, Stacey looked back and said “oh my god” and got up and ran back to the kitchen area.  Apparently the coach has a reverse osmosis system and fast left hand turn had caused the tank to fly out of the cabinet, hitting the floor,and ripping the ball valve causing water to spray out everywhere.   Stacey plugged the hole with her finger while I made it to the grocery store’s parking lot where I shut of the valve feeding the tank and we managed to empty the tank in the sink.  After shopping for groceries we went to Lowe’s and Home Depot to hopefully find the broken valve and much to my surprise they didn’t carry that size valve!

Needless to say by now it was getting dark and we ended up staying the night over at Joe and Margo’s beitiful property.

From Stacey:

We’re still in Ocala!!


After we picked up Dashi and he made himself at home in the coach, we went to fill up with fuel and then Shahin thought he might have put the wrong fuel in the tank! So we called the mechanic and the (extremely) nice gentleman who sold us the coach, and they said, “DON’T START THE ENGINE!!!” So Joe, the previous owner came over to check and see that we did in fact put the right fuel in. So we were at the gas station for close to an hour. By then we were hungry, so we went and got lunch. There was a Petco across from he parking lot, so Dashi also got a new bed and a bully stick! Then we were going to go to the grocery store and on the way Shahin turned a corner and the reverse osmosis tank came flying out from under the kitchen sink! It broke the fitting off the top and water was spraying out all over! So I quick hopped back there and stuck my finger in it like the little boy at the dyke. I just stayed there like that until we got to Publix. Then Shahin took over while I ran to look for tools underneath (there weren’t any). Finally, we figured out that we could just turn the tank upside down into the kitchen sink until it released its pressure and emptied out. In the meantime, Shahin had a business meeting he had to attend to by phone and I went and did our grocery shopping. Then off to Lowe’s to see if we could find the broken fitting (we didn’t, but I bought a rug) and then Home Depot( Shahin went in there this time).
Now it’s just about dark and we are going back to the previous owners house to spend the night and hopefully get out tomorrow morning.
WHAT A DAY! 🤦‍♀️

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